Институт геоэкологии им. Е.М. Сергеева РАН

Theoretical solutions for an effective pit edge stability management.

Kazeev A., Postoev G. // Modern management of mine producing, geology and environmental protection: conf. proceeding. SGEM-2009. Vol. 1, P. 301-307. Читать…

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The description of new theoretical solutions of forming a strain and stress state in the soil massifs of landslide prone slopes is introduced. The suggested approach is based on a new theory of forming of the limited equilibrium in rock massifs which includes: Coulomb-Mohr’s criterion for the limited state equilibrium of rocks, the concept of the rock structural strength σstr (for compression), the interaction of active and passive pressures in slope massif. The equation for the limited state equilibrium in a ground massif in the area of force disturbance, which determines the critical situation, foregoing an appearance of destructive deformations was obtained. Theoretical regularities were confronted with the results of the field observations of concrete landslide slopes, among them the landslide in the Eastern-Maritskiy coal opencast mine (Bulgaria, 1966).

Keywords: slope stability, stress and strain state, limited equilibrium, landslides.


During mining operations, especially in case of opencast mining, it is extremely important to forecast the stability and probable deformations of developed territories, what is impossible without considering the real changes in a stress and strain state in the rock massif and particularly its limits, foregoing the phase of destructive deformations. On an opencast mine it is aspired to provide optimal parameters of slopes (slope angle, bench height) and to maintain the stability of rock massifs while most effectively developing the coalfield. Among numerous deformations, which appear on the pit slopes deep sliding deformations of large massifs are especially dangerous. There are a lot of ways to create a stable slope [1, 2, 3], but the periodical formation of large landslides on the working pits [4] indicates the need to improve the scientific explanation of projected slope parameters.